Autors: Sotirova, D. V.
Keywords: ethical leadership, cultural differences, cross-cultural business ethics, moral grounds, moral character, cultural intelligence, intercultural business communication

Abstract: Ethics of leadership in cross-cultural behavioural business ethics is examined in this paper. It is done on the basis of meta-analysis of literature in cross-cultural business ethics, organizational ethics and culture, and intercultural communication. Reflective practice has been used as a method of analysis in the social sciences. Some novel aspects are described on the basis of social learning theory and leadership consulting practices. Among them is the issue of ethical implications of using international managerial language in everyday business communication. The negative impact of platitudes and trivialities on organizational ethics is determined. Cultural differences in perception of essential qualities of the ethical leadership are explained. The role of moral grounds in understanding cultural differences is analyzed. Characteristics of personal leadership are stressed on the basis of a culturally defined model of leadership. Hyper norms in cross-cultural business communication



    Acta Prosperitatis. Journal of Turiba University, vol. -, issue 9, pp. 51-71, 2018, Latvia, Turiba University Publishing, ISBN ISSN 1691- 6077

    Copyright Turiba University Publishing House

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    1. Göçen, A. Ethical leadership in educational organizations: A cross-cultural study. Turkish Journal of Education, 10 (1), рр. 37-57. DOI: 10.19128/turje.811919 - 2021 - от чужди автори в чужди издания, неиндексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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