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Autors: Österlund L., Mattsson A., Brischetto M., Byberg JJ., Stefanov, B. I., Ji, Y.-X., Niklasson, G.A.
Title: Spectral Selective Solar Light Enhanced Photocatalysis: TiO2/TiAlN Bilayer Films
Keywords: TiO2, TiAlN, Photocatalysis, Spectral selective films

Abstract: We demonstrate that spectral selective photocatalytic multilayer films can be tailored such that they can harness the full solar spectrum for enhanced photocatalytic gas-phase oxidation of acetaldehyde. Thin films of anatase TiO2 were deposited on a thin solar absorber TiAlN film to fabricate bilayer TiO2/TiAlN films by dc magnetron sputtering on aluminium substrates. The structural and optical properties of the films were characterized by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. The reaction rate and quantum yield for acetaldehyde removal was measured and an almost tenfold enhancement of the quantum yield was observed for the TiO2/TiAlN films compared with the single TiO2 film, on par with enhancements achieved with new heterojunction photocatalysts. The results were interpreted by a temperature-induced change of the reaction kinetics. Absorption of simulated solar light illumination resulted in a temperature increase of the TIAlN film that was estimated to be at most 126 K.


    Topics in Catalysis, vol. 61, issue 15, pp. 1607-1614, 2018, United Kingdom, Springer Nature, ISSN 1022-5528

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