Title: Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control and Driving Crisis Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic
Keywords: Driving crisis, Fuzzy analysis, Dynamic stability, vehicle c

Abstract: In this paper,we explain the process of designing fuzzy based analyzers which can be installed in a vehicle.These analyzers use some kinds of sensors to determine the crisis of driving situation.This system helps a driver to be aware of the danger of the obstacles,other vehicles on the road,fatigue and environment noises.An alarm massage concentrates the driver attention while s/he is doing something that may distract the attention.A different fuzzy controller using electronically controller of the Brakes/ Steering/ Suspension systems controls the vehicle to avoid the obstacles and also maintain the kinetic balance of the vehicle by mean of dynamic stability analysis.An advantage of this controller is that it doesn’t interfere with the driver’s habit in vehicle control and it resumes functioning only in critical moments.Using various actuators and sensors,we introduce a new approach to detect driving and stability crisis.This makes the proposed fuzzy analyzer a novel one.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on FUZZY SYSTEMS (FS’08), pp. 239-247, 2008, Bulgaria,

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