Title: Adaptive control with fuzzy logic solution for servo hydraulic linear axis
Keywords: servo hydraulic system, specific variable frequency, oil com

Abstract: The applicative research conducted by the authors was oriented in the direction of optimizing the static and dynamic performances of the servo-hydraulic linear axes and it aimed at the elaboration of a set of numerical simulation programs that could provide valuable information for the design of servo-hydraulic linear axes,according to the performances requested by up-to-date applications.These are simpler than the electronic ones,they are stronger and they have superior dynamic behavior.Their precision can be upgraded a lot by the use of adaptive electronic controller,whether analogical or digital.With means of compensation of the non-linearity that are the responsibility of the adaptive controllers,in this case the variable rigidity of the oil level inside the engine,can be performed using a position sensor with a positioning precision of ±1 μm/100mm.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on FUZZY SYSTEMS (FS’08), pp. 232-238, 2008, Bulgaria,

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