Autors: Pavlov, N. L., Sokolov, E. E.
Title: Tilting child safety seat for reducing the lateral acceleration acting on children when vehicle cornering
Keywords: Tilting seat, lateral acceleration, multibody model, road test

Abstract: This research work studies the potential to reduce lateral acceleration acting on children when vehicle cornering. Tilting the car body in a turn is widely used in high-speed rail vehicles. Vehicle body inclination when vehicle cornering is used also in small narrow vehicles. Based on the theory of tilting vehicles, a multibody dynamic model of a passenger car-child safety seats system is created. This model includes the sprung and the unsprung masses of the car, the car seat, and two child safety seats. One of them is conventionally installed on vehicle seat. The other one is mounted on special tilting frame. In this way the seat can rotate around cylindrical joint located above the mass center of the child-seat subsystem.



    Proceedings of the 8th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on MULTIBODY DYNAMICS 2017, MBD 2017, pp. 779-783, 2017, Czech Republic, Czech Technical University - Prague, ISBN 2523-9589

    Copyright Czech Technical University - Prague

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