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Autors: Tsonev, V. T., Nikolov, N. D.
Title: Defining the Larson-Miler parameter for a new alloy steel
Keywords: creep, rupture, strength, steel, Larson-Miler

Abstract: This article shows how the Larson-Miler parameter could be defined through tests and then used to prognosticate the time to rupture for materials, working for a long time at a constant load and elevated temperatures. The necessary theoretical information, the methodology for carrying out the experiment and the approach to the experimental results processing are provided. The methodology exposed has been demonstrated with a practical study of a new alloy steel. Being relatively simple the proposed approach can be always used when such a prognosis is needed, provided that the Larson-Miler criterion is suitable for the studied material.


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RECENT Journal, vol. 11, issue 1, pp. 50-53, 2010, Romania, ISSN 1582-0246

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