Autors: Anchev, H. M., A. Andonov., Milanov, K. G.
Title: Management system of charging ultracapacitors from a photovoltaic module–computer research
Keywords: ultracapacitor, boost converter, charging, constant current

Abstract: In this work, the system of charging ultracapacitors with a constant current and voltage limit are tested. The specify is that the current through the inductance of the boost converter is monitored. Through a computer simulation, the process of the initial charge and in a buffer mode with load are tested. The simulation study is made through PSIM software. Graphics from computer simulation with and without load are included.



    Journal "Science, Engineering & Education", vol. 2, issue 1, pp. 12-16, 2017, Bulgaria, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, ISSN 2534-8515

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