Autors: Stoynova, A. V., Marcheva, Y. S., Bonev, B. B., Loukaycheva, M. H., Dimova, B. D.
Title: Thermal Behavior study of corroded magnesium alloys used in electronic devices
Keywords: thermographic control, corrosion, magnesium alloys, ECT, LIT

Abstract: The aim of the study is to develop a suitable method for thermographic control of corrosion in parts of magnesium alloys used in electronic packaging. Specimens with different thickness, representative of magnesium alloys of the three typical groups are studied: AZ91, AM50 and AE42. Thermographic investigation is conducted for the both specimens: without corrosion and corroded specimens in an environment of 3.5% NaCl for 120 h through 24 h. The corrosion rate is estimated by the method of weight loss (WL)and the corroded surface morphology is estimated using metallographic microscope. The experimental results after eddy current thermography (ECT) and lock-in thermography (LIT) are analyzed and compared with results from WL method. Two different thermographic approaches for corrosion evaluation of magnesium alloy are proposed. Different error sources decreasing precision of results are noted. The received results can be used in detection of the corrosion level from surface temperature.



    ISSE 2017, Jubilee 40th International Spring Seminar on Electronic technology “High-Tech Electronics for a better Tomorrow – Theoretical and Practical Aspects”, May 10 – 14, pp. D18, 2017, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN Electronic ISSN: 2161-2536

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