Autors: Boshnakova, R. N., Dimova, B. D.
Title: Low temperature tests of pvc-composites produced from oligomer-polymer modifier complex containing two basic components
Keywords: modification, polyvinylchloride electro-isolation composites, Oligomer-Polymer Modifier Complex (OPMC), oligomer of the epoxy-novolac resin, polymer of the acetal type

Abstract: The changes of the physical-mechanical characteristics of PVC-composites containing Oligomer-Polymer Modifier Complex (OPMC) at normal temperature, indicating the levels of compatibility of its components with those of the studied PVC-composites, have been analyzed previously. In this paper the study of OPMC continues, in attempt to establish the behaviour of two basic components of OPMC at low exploitation temperatures, as well as the concentration limits of their positive influence. This study enlarges the possibilities for the correct interpretation of the influence of the individual components in the OPMC system. The epoxy-novolac resin (OENR) and polyacetal were tested as modifying substances in electro-isolation PVC composites at -20°C. The presented in this paper physical-mechanical investigation confirm that at low temperatures Polymer-M is not a typical plasticizer. It was shown that the participation of Polymer-M as a modifier in the whole investigated concentration interval



    Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, vol. 46, issue 1, pp. 27-30, 2011, Bulgaria, UCTM-Sofia, ISSN 1311-7629

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