Autors: Georgiev, K. K., Balleri, A., Stove, A., Holderied, M.W.
Title: Enhanced range resolution: comparison with the matched filter
Keywords: enhanced range resolution; baseband SCAT receiver; spectrogram correlation and transformation receiver; bat-inspired spectrogram transformation; radar resolution

Abstract: In this chapter, we have presented a baseband receiver that allows an analytical treatment of the output of a SCAT-like processing and that can also be applied to RF signals. The output of the Baseband SCAT (BSCT) has been compared analytically with that of a conventional matched filter for two closely spaced scatterers. Results have shown that a bat-inspired spectrogram transformation can provide better range resolution performance than that of a conventional matched filter. The results have been derived analytically and then verified with a set of laboratory experiments at ultrasound, using phantom echoes and real targets, to assess the robustness of the algorithm with respect to operational hardware limitations and propagation effects.



    Biologically-Inspired Radar and Sonar: Lessons from nature, pp. 37-60, 2017, United Kingdom, IET, ISBN 9781613532355

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