Autors: Tsonev, V. C., Nikolov, N. D., Marcheva, Y. S.
Title: Influence of plastic deformation of S235JR steel rods on their mechanical properties and corrosion behavior in NaCl solution
Keywords: corrosion, tensile test, mechanical properties

Abstract: Studies show that although commonly used steels are standardized, some of their mechanical properties (such as tensile strength) vary widely and knowledge of their corrosion behavior is insufficient. Additional treatments, such as plastic deformation, alter the structure of carbon steels and affect their properties. This article explores one of the most widely used materials in mechanical and civil engineering – steel S235. Two types of rods, 6 mm in diameter, from hot-rolled non-alloy structural steel (S235JR, BDS EN 10025-2: 2005) and bright cold drawn steel (S235JRC, BDS EN 10277-2: 2008) have been tested. Tensile tests have been carried out, stress-strain curves are constructed and compared, the main mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity are determined. The typical consequences of plastic deformation such as increased yield strength have been identified. The assessment of corrosion behavior was done by means of the weight loss met


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BulTrans-2018/MATEC Web of Conferences, vol. 234, 2018, Bulgaria, EDP Scienses, ISBN eISSN: 2261-236X

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