Autors: Ivanov, I. G., Gospodinova, D. N., Dineff, P. D., L. Veleva.
Title: Thermal behavior criteria of flame retarded wood obtained by simultaneous thermal analysis: II. Flame retardancy criteria of wood
Keywords: capillary impregnation , flame retardancy , plasma-aided capillary impregnation , simultaneous thermal analysis , specific enthalpy change , thermal behaviour criteria

Abstract: The flame retardation of wood and wooden products has been developed by creating new phosphor and nitrogen containing flame retardant for capillary impregnation improving some impregnation process basic characteristics, such as penetration depth, solution spreading and adsorption speed, adsorbed solution capacity. Simultaneous thermal analysis (STA) has been used to reveal the impact of this flame retardant on flame retardation of wood. Three tropical wood species (heartwood) from Mexico's Rainforest, particularly in Yucatan, were studied. This study has been developed as part of a large investigation on plasma activated (functionalized and ion activated) wood surface and flame retardant treated wood.



    18th International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies. SIELA 2014, pp. 1-4, 2014, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-4799-5818-4

    Copyright IEEE

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