Autors: Gospodinova, D. N., Milanov, K. G., Dineff, P. D., L. Veleva.
Title: Dielectric barrier discharge in triode electrode system with bipolar electrode array
Keywords: magnetically stimulated dielectric barrier discharge (MS-DBD

Abstract: The operation modes (or stages) of a magnetically stimulated dielec-tric barrier discharge burning in triode system at atmospheric pressure ware studied. The magnetic stimulation was realized with rare earth permanent magnets forming a "magnetic wall". Three characteristic stages of the dielectric barrier discharge were identified - one ava-lanche mode and two streamer modes, the cathode and anode target-ed streamers. Some technological regimes of the magnetically stimu-lated dielectric barrier discharge were discovered, allowing its effective use in relatively large air or working gaps - greater than 10 mm.



    XVII International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies SIELA 2012, vol. 2, pp. 86-95, 2012, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-6297

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