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Autors: Kralov, I. M., Terzieva, S. D., Ignatov, I. P.
Title: Analysis of methods and MEMS for Acoustic Energy Harvesting with Application in Railway Noise Reduction
Keywords: Energy harvesting, Micro-electro-mechanical systems, Railway noise reduction, Noise absorbers

Abstract: A short state of the art survey of acoustic energy harvesting methods and MEMS is realized in this paper. Comparison between the basic functional parameters is carried out of the standard solutions for receiving, converting and storing the energy from the noise sources. The goal is to apply this knowledge in the design process of MEMS for acoustic energy harvesting in the area of railway noise reduction. For this purpose a new idea for noise absorber construction is presented. A brief review of possible combination between noise absorber and acoustic energy harvesters is done.


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MECAHITECH‘11, vol. 3, issue 1, pp. 56-62, 2011, Romania,

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