Autors: Slavkova, M. D., Mintchev, M. S.
Title: Operational Performance of Current Transformers with Half-Wave Rectified Primary Current
Keywords: current transformer, half-wave rectified primary current

Abstract: The purpose of the present work is to analyze the operation of current transformers with half-wave rectified primary current. Based on this analysis, those conditions will be substantiated, which will allow transformer operation in the regime considered. The analysis is carried out by the classical method of investigating transient processes in order to demonstrate the physical principles of the operating regime of current transformers under the conditions considered. The software product PSpice is applied as well with the purpose of complementing the picture of transformer operation for wider variation of the main parameters used in the investigation.


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Proceedings of International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, ELMA'2002, September 13-14, 2002, Sofia, Bulgaria, pp. 124-131, 2002, Bulgaria, Sofia

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