Autors: Slavkova, M. D., Milanov, K. G., Mintchev, M. S.
Title: Magnetic Amplifiers with Toroidal Cores Based on Amorphous Soft Magnetic Materials
Keywords: amorphous soft magnetic alloy, magnetic amplifier, magnetic switch

Abstract: In the present paper some specificities of the design of fast-response magnetic amplifiers without controlling winding (with a single winding) used in pulse DC/DC converters as well as considerations regarding the selection of core material for the saturation choke are discussed. An experimental verification of proposed relations for dimensioning on a DC/DC converter with four output voltages at a total power of 800 W has been carried out.


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Proceedings of XII-th International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies SIELA'2001, May 31-June 01, 2001, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, pp. 120-126, 2001, Bulgaria, Plovdiv, ISSN 1314-6297

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