Autors: ICHTEV, A. K., PULEVA, T. T.
Title: Multiple-Model Adaptive Control of Hydro Turbine Generator with Fuzzy TS Models
Keywords: Multiple models, Fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno models, Adaptive contro

Abstract: In this paper, adaptive control for hydro turbine generator is addressed. Fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno models are trained to model the turbine dynamic under various load conditions. Algorithm for estimation of the load condition is presented. On the base of the probabilities for each model from the model set ”soft” adaptation is performed. The control is computed as a weighted sum from individual controllers, designed for local load conditions. An experiment is carried out that illustrates the functionality of the proposed method.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on FUZZY SYSTEMS (FS’08), pp. 67-72, 2008, Bulgaria,

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