Title: Design and Implementation of Real-Time Fuzzy Control for Thermodynamic Plant
Keywords: Real-time control system, controller tuning, SIFLC, MATLAB,

Abstract: The paper presents the implementation of tuning techniques of single-input fuzzy logic controller (SIFLC) used for the control of a physical prototype of a thermodynamic plant. The idea behind such attempt is to analyze the practical consideration of the developed in MATLAB fuzzy control algorithms and to study their effectiveness in real time applications by a low-cost and time-saving manner. In the ground of such analysis is the estimation of the impact that the real environment may have on the designed by simulations control systems. The MATLAB based control algorithms which are implemented in this study are applied to the physical plant by data acquisition board (DAQ). Two basic tasks are fulfilled: 1) implementation of a SIFLC tuning algorithm based on a robust stability criterion in realtime control system; 2) analysis of the system performance and comparison of the results to ordinary PI control system and ordinary FLC system.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on FUZZY SYSTEMS (FS’08), pp. 61-66, 2008, Bulgaria,

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