Autors: Toshkov, E. T.
Title: Structural and electro-physical parameters of n-GaAs
Keywords: gallium arsenide, structural defects, electron concentration

Abstract: Samples of single crystal GaAs tellurium doped, obtained by Czochralski method from different kind of melts were tested. Preliminarily synthesized poly-crystals and, alternatively, remelts (undoped, indium doped or GaAs:Te residues) were used as input material in the experiments. A comparison was made between effect of doped impurity and thermal annealing upon carrier mobility and dislocation density. Crystals of diameters above 35 mm. pulled from synthesized material have dislocation density (1-4)×104 cm-2 and mobility from 2000 to 3400 cm2/V.s. With the same experimental set-up, low dislocation density crystals with diameters up to 30 mm and concentration of doping tellurium above 2×1018 cm-3 were pulled. Structural and electro-physical parameters of crystals obtained from remelts vary in a wider diapason, as best results are observed with crystals pulled from GaAs:In residues. The thermal annealing does not considerably influence the dislocation density and electro-physical paramet



    Bulgarian Chemical Communications, vol. 47, pp. 163-168, 2015, Bulgaria, Sofia

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