Autors: Podevin, P., Danlos, A., Deligant, M., Punov, P. B., Clenci, A., De La Bourdonnaye, G.
Title: Automotive compressor: Effect of an electric throttle in the upstream circuit on the surge limit
Keywords: automotive compressor, surge, electric throttle, transient

Abstract: On vehicles equipped with a turbocharged engine, there is a risk of compressor surge. This surge generates instabilities that lead to driving inconvenience, or even mechanical failure of the supercharging system. In general, the surge appears rather in transient operation: sudden closing of the throttle valve on gasoline engine, regulation of the EGR on diesel engine linked also to turbine regulation (VNT device or Waste Gate). On a turbocharger test stand, we set up the surge line in a "conventional way": stationary experiments. Then we set up this line in transient conditions for different positions of an electric throttle placed upstream the compressor. It appears that: the surge limit is pushing back to lower flow rates when it is determined in transient; the surge limit is pushing back to lower flow rates when closing the throttle valve. The tests were carried on by the transient analysis of the surge during a quick closing-opening of the electric throttle valve.


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MATEC Web of Conferences, BulTrans-2018, vol. 234, 2018, Bulgaria, EDP Sciences, ISSN 2261236X

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