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Autors: Dobrev, I., Massouh, F., Danlos, A., Todorov, M. D., Punov, P. B.
Title: Experimental and numerical study of the flow field around a small car
Keywords: aerodynamic, car, PIV, CFD simulation

Abstract: This paper presents the aerodynamic study of a small car, which participated in Shell Ecomarathon Europe competition in the Urban Concept Hydrogen class. The goal is to understand the flow field around the vehicle. First, the flow is studied numerically using computational aerodynamics. The numerical simulation is carried out by means of CFD Fluent in order to obtain the drag force experienced by the vehicle and also the flow field. Then the flow field around the car is studied in a wind tunnel by means of particle image velocimetry (PIV). The comparison of the flow fields obtained numerically and experimentally shows good correspondence. The obtained results are very helpful for future car development and permit to improve the drag and to obtain a good stability.


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MATEC Web of Conferences, BulTrans-2017, vol. 133, 2017, Bulgaria, EDP Sciences, ISSN 2261236X

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