Autors: Mohsin,S., Sajjad,S.
Title: Genetic Algorithm based Consequent Parameters determination of Fuzzy-C Regression Model (FCRM)
Keywords: Optimization, Fuzzy AR, genetic algorithm, FCRM, ATM, B-ISDN

Abstract: The broadband integrated service digital network (B-ISDN) using an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) is the next generation of ISDN.The ATM can send data at any time and anywhere because there is access privilege control.However, a state of congestion may develop if a large amount of data is sent by the ATM.To establish an e®ective congestion control algorithm, a robust tra±c model must be constructed.In this paper,we describe a method for constructing a tra±c model using a fuzzy AR model that is based on a fuzzy c-regression model and a simple genetic algorithm.Computational experiments were carried out to show the validity of the proposed method.The experiments showed that the present method is much more robust for tra±c modeling than the previous method.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING(EC’08), pp. 149-154, 2008, Bulgaria,

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