Title: Fatigue based 3D structural design optimisation implementing genetic algorithms and utilising the generalised Frost-Dugdale crack growth law
Keywords: Structural optimisation; Genetic algorithm; Finite element m

Abstract: The research presented here utilises the ‘Generalised Frost-Dugdale law’ with a genetic algorithm in a numerical three-dimensional fatigue based optimisation study of a 7050-T7451 aluminium structure.The generalised Frost-Dugdale law was developed to allow for the accurate prediction of fatigue crack growth from short crack lengths.The structural optimisation procedure proposed integrates 3D geometrical modelling,structural analysis and optimization into one complete and automated computer-aided designprocess.This paper indicates that the proposed combined procedure provides a more accurate and robust optimised solution.It was discovered that the results resembled the solutions from other optimisation algorithms.As a result,this procedure illustrates a procedure for the design of light weight structures using a fatigue based optimisation in conjunction with a genetic algorithm.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING(EC’08), pp. 142-148, 2008, Bulgaria,

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