Autors: Danel, Q., Perilhon, C., Podevin, P., Punov, P. B., Lacour, S., Descombes, G.
Title: Working fluid selection of Rankine-Hirn cycle according to the heat source
Keywords: Rankine – Hirn cycle, waste heat recovery, simulation

Abstract: This paper presents our simulation model of Rankine-Hirn cycle. This model is developed for sizing and for working fluid choice of a test bench of Rankine-Hirn cycle for engine waste heat recovery. The heat source characteristics were measured on a diesel tractor engine during work in field. The simulation tool allows to us study some of static operating points. An iterative calculation was used to find the best parameters as pressure and working fluid flow rate according to some constraints such as heat exchanger surface or maximum pressure. We identify that each fluid is adapted for a limited range of the heat source temperature. For our application, ethanol and water are the adapted working fluids. These results defined the future control laws of the waste heat recovery system.


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BulTrans-2014, pp. 136-141, 2014, Bulgaria, TU-Sofia, ISBN 1313-955Х

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