Autors: Georgiev, K. K., Balleri, A., Stove, A., Holderied, M.W.
Title: Baseband version of the bat-inspired spectrogram correlation and transformation receiver
Keywords: biomimetics;correlation methods;radar receivers;radar signal

Abstract: Echolocating bats have evolved an excellent ability to detect and discriminate targets in highly challenging environments. Behavioural experiments have shown their exceptional ability to detect and classify targets even in highly cluttered surroundings. The Spectrogram Correlation And Transformation receiver (SCAT) is an existing model of the bat auditory system that takes into account the physiology and underlying neural organisation in bats which emit chirped signals. We propose a baseband receiver equivalent to the SCAT. This will allow biologically inspired signal processing to be applied to radar baseband signals and will enable further theoretical analysis of the "bat signal processing". The equivalence is demonstrated by comparing the output of the original SCAT to that of our proposed baseband version using both simulated and experimental target echoes. Results show that the baseband receiver provides compatible frequency interference pattern for two closely located scatterers.



    2016 IEEE Radar Conference, pp. 472-477, 2016, United States, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., ISBN 978-150900863-6

    Copyright IEEE

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