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Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N., I. Avramova.
Title: Plasma aided flame retardation of wood, wooden products and cellulosic materials
Keywords: plasma aided flame retardation, dielectric barrier discharge, surface modification

Abstract: The plasma aided flame retardation of wood, wooden products and cellulosic fibrous materials has been conceived and developed as a result of a plasma aided process of capillary impregnation. The dielectric barrier discharge surface pre-treatment modifies the chemical and capillary activity and improves such characteristics of the impregnation process as the penetration depth, speed of solution spreading and adsorption, and capacity of adsorbed solution. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was applied to study the changed surface composition after plasma pre-treatment. The surface compositions of solid wood products, paper and board are critical to their end use performance. XPS is a powerful non-destructive surface analytical technique which provides valuable data on chemical surface composition and surface reorganization after plasma-chemical pre-treatment. The binding energy as a main characteristic of the atoms was used for elemental identification. Thermal analysis (TGA, DTA an


    Advances in Materials Science - Journal of Gdansk University of Technology, vol. 11, issue 3, pp. 28-42, 2011, Poland, ISSN 2083-4799

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