Autors: NAAJI,A.
Title: Dynamic Modeling of the Human Upper Limb
Keywords: modeling, human upper limb, dynamic model, osteoarticular sy

Abstract: Dynamic modeling of osteoarticular system is necessary because the exertion of various actions and natural physiological movements are essentially dynamic.The wide mobility of human body leads to the necessity of modeling the osteoarticular system as a mechanism with a large number of degrees of freedom.The differential equations system obtained are very complex and assume numerical integration.Very often we use a simplified model because the phenomena produced are so complex that accurate mathematical reproduction is practically impossible.A dynamic model must provide a good estimate of total weight and mass distribution as well as transmissibility and amortization proprieties for bones, muscles,joints,blood and skin.The paper presents a dynamic functional model considering the human upper limb as a mechanic system with 5 degrees of freedom in the case the segments are moved by their own weight forces.The differential equations of motion were solved using Lagrange formalism.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING(EC’08), pp. 98-101, 2008, Bulgaria,

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