Autors: BRUMAR,B., POPA,E.M., PAH,I.
Title: Plugins architecture for e-learning systems
Keywords: patterns, plugins architecture, plugin instance, plugin meth

Abstract: This paper describes the use of plugins for e-learning systems.As a plugin programmer can use this achitecture to improve your plugins and make them integrate better into e-learning systems. Recently,the industry has come to capture such processes at all levels, from analysis and design to coding.When these process definitions are presented with context,rationale,and examples,they are known as patterns [1].Patterns are among the hottest topics in software engineering today.The concept is simple-find techniques that work and document them in a standard format.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING(EC’08), pp. 92-97, 2008, Bulgaria,

    Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум