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Autors: Nenov S., Tzaneva, B. R., Andreev, S. K., Zahariev, A. S., Videkov, V. H.
Title: Effect of Anodization Conditions on the Breakdown Voltage of Nanoporous Aluminium Oxide
Keywords: anodic aluminium oxide, reanodization, breakdown voltage

Abstract: Within the work presented the effect of voltage, electrolyte nature and time of anodization on breakdown voltage of nanoporous aluminium oxide layers are investigated. The dielectric layers formed under various conditions feature a pore diameter from 20 to 90nm, and the thickness lies within 1÷14μm. The results reveal that reanodization up to 300V significantly enhances the breakdown voltage. For Al/Al2O3 structure, it is found out that breakdown voltage depends mainly on the layer thickness and significantly less on the pore diameter.


    Proc. XXV International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2016, pp. 195-198, 2016, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5090-2883-2

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