Autors: Loukaycheva, M. H., Lirkov A., Tzaneva, B. R.
Title: Corrosion Control Cost Requires Corrosion Education
Keywords: corrosion, corrosion protection, higher education

Abstract: An overview of corrosion problems and corrosion control cost is made. The importance of corrosion education for all kind of engineers is presented. According to importance of knowing and dissolving corrosion problems for every engineer, the course for corrosion education is presented. This program allows planning the structure of a particular course in an open way, depending on the students, the degree and the range of the education. Based on three main modules, the course is constructed specifically for different kind of students focusing on corrosion practice. The methodology is thought to stand on experiences in order to allow the students to acquire knowledge on corrosion.



    Proc. Vth Inter. Conference “CHALLENGES in HIGHER EDUCATION and RESEARCH in the 21st CENTURY, pp. 23-26, 2007, Bulgaria, Heron Press Ltd, ISBN 978-954-580-227-0

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