Autors: Tzaneva, B. R.
Title: Electrochemical and Electroless Deposition of Metal in Anodic Aluminium Oxide Nanoporous Template
Keywords: Anodic Aluminium Oxide, Nanowires, Electrochemical deposition, Chemical deposition

Abstract: In the present work, the techniques for chemical and electrochemical metal deposition in and on the dielectric layer of anodic aluminium oxide lied on aluminium substrate are described. The possibilities for obtaining the parallel three-ply structures Al/Al2O3/Me with dielectric core and anisotropic conductivity by growth of nanowires in the pores of Al/Al2O3+Me/Me oxide are shown. The obtained structures can be used as parts of different electronic devices such as conductive images on dielectric substrate or solderless interconnectors.



    Annular Journal of Electronics, vol. 7, pp. 204-206, 2013, Bulgaria, Technical University of Sofia, ISSN 1314-0078

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