Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N., M. Shopov.
Title: Effect of Electrodes Geometry on Self-Organization of Microdischarges in Dielectric Barrier Discharge
Keywords: dielectric barrier discharge, microdischarges, volt-ampere charac-teristic, critical parameters, burning voltage

Abstract: Although self-organization of microdischarges in dielectric barrier discharges was intensively studied during the last century, the effect of electrodes geometry, or the interaction be-tween microdischarges and their own current’s magnetic field, discussed in this paper, has been revealed only recently. It is responsible for the formation of very different microdischarge patterns, volt-ampere characteristics, and critical parameters. Keywords – dielectric barrier discharge, microdischarges, volt-ampere characteristic, critical parameters, burning voltage.



    XLIII International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and energy systems and Technology ICEST’08, vol. 2, pp. 622-625, 2008, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-85195-61-7

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