Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N.
Title: Characteristics and behaviours of dielectric barrier discharge at changing air pressure
Keywords: cold discharge plasma, dielectric barrier discharge, plasma surface activation and modification, vacu-um and atmospheric discharges, volt-ampere characteristic method, voltage of burning

Abstract: In the present work, the behavior and parameters of a dielectric barrier air discharge are considered for industrial frequency and a pressure variation, which includes the entire working range of pressures for the existence of the discharge at room temperature – from the atmospheric pressure to the medium vacuum region. The dielectric barrier discharge is examined by means of the external static character-istic representing the average value of the current vs. the effective value of the voltage applied to the electrode system. The two characteristic areas of using the discharge – the area of ozone-and-oxygen-containing cold plasma and the area of plasma which contains nitrogen oxides NOx – as well as the electric parameters, characterizing those areas, are determined.



    V-th International Conference on Challenges in Higher Education and Research in 21-st Century, pp. 273-276, 2007, Bulgaria, Heron Press, ISBN 978-954-580-227-0

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