Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N., L. Kostova.
Title: Ion-activated Water Solution Containing Flame Retardant for Plasma Aided Technology of Fire Protection and Safety
Keywords: Ion-activated Water Solution, Flame Retardant, Plasma Aided

Abstract: The aim of this paper relates to a method for plasma chemical surface modifying of materials and items, and specifically for plasma aided impregnation with ion-activated water solutions containing fire retardants to make porous materials. The subject matter is solved by a new method of plasma chemical surface modification of porous materials and workpieces to provide fire spread and ignition resistance consisting in atmospheric pressure impregnation and further drying at room temperature, a characteristic of which is that before the impregnation their surfaces are submitted to a treatment under cold non-equilibrium plasma of glow (dielectric barrier) electrical discharge at atmospheric pressure that burns under high voltage and industrial frequency.



    Scientific – Professional Symposium “IX YUCORR”, pp. 297-301, 2007, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-82343-08-0

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