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Autors: LAZAROVA, M. K.
Title: Efficiency of Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Solving N-Queens Problem on Multicomputer Platform
Keywords: N-queens problem, parallel genetic algorithm, island model, dynamic migration policy, multicomputer platform, profiling and performance analysis

Abstract: The paper investigates the efficiency of parallel genetic algorithm for solving N-queens problem on a multicomputer platform. The proposed parallel computational model of the genetic algorithm is based on a parallel algorithmic paradigm of synchronous iterations. Dynamic migration of randomly selected chromosomes in a bidirectional circular model is utilized. The algorithm is implemented using both flat (pure MPI) and hybrid(MPI+OpenMP) programming models.The target parallel multicomputer platform is a cluster of SMPs. Performance profiling and scalability analyses have been made in respect of both the workload (board size) and the size of the parallel system.


    9th WSEAS International Conference on EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING(EC’08), pp. 51-56, 2008, Bulgaria,

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