Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N., Gadjeva, E. D.
Title: PSpice Simulation of Atmospheric Pressure Air Glow Discharge current-voltage characteristic
Keywords: Atmospheric pressure air glow (APAG) discharge, cold plasma, one-atmosphere glow discharge, plasma ignition voltage, voltage-controlled current source, current-voltage behavior, current-voltage characteristic

Abstract: The current-voltage characteristic of an Atmospheric Pressure Air Glow (APAG) discharge has been simulated by commercial circuit simulation software such as PSpice®. PSpice model has been developed for the plasma discharge in a APAG discharge applicator, which consists of two parallel electrode plates with a small gap between electrodes. At least one of the electrodes is covered by a dielectric barrier. An APAG discharge operating gap can be modeled as an electric capacitor without plasma, as an air gap containing plasma. The cold plasma itself has been modeled as a voltage-controlled current source that switches on when the voltage across the air gap exceeds the value of the discharge ignition voltage. The simulation current-voltage behavior agrees with the experimental data from an actual parallel-electrode-plate plasma generator. It has been found that in different operating regimes, the discharge current of the APAG discharge plasma generator is described by a voltage linear law.



    XVI International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies “ICEST 2006”, pp. 356-359, 2006, Bulgaria, KING Ltd., ISBN 10: 954-9518-37-X

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