Autors: Gospodinova, D. N., Dineff, P. D.
Title: Conditions for an Electric Resonance in Various Technological Regimes of Low-Frequency Capacitive Discharge
Keywords: external (volt-ampere) static characteristic, high-pressure low-frequency discharge, plasma-chemical surface modification, surface power density, voltage or serial resonance, degree of freedom

Abstract: The highest technological effectiveness of the low-frequency capacitive discharge at atmospheric pressure is observed under the conditions of serial electric resonance in its electric circuit, when an additionally adjusting capacitor is connected in series with the working gap of plasma generator. In these conditions maximal active electric power is transferred from the mains to the electric discharge; at the same time this power being a measure for the occurring plasma-chemical changes during surface modification. In the various technological regimes of burning of the low-frequency capacitive discharge there are created diverse conditions for the manifestation of serial electric resonance for the electric discharge circuit represents a linear resonance system with multiple degrees of freedom.



    XIII International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies "SIELA '03", vol. II, pp. 106-111, 2003, Bulgaria, ISBN 954-90209-2-4

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