Autors: Vladkova, T., Dineff, D. D., Gospodinova, D. N.
Title: Wood Flour - a new Filler for Rubber Processing Industry: Cure Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of NBR - Compounds filled by Corona Treated Wood Flour
Keywords: corona treated wood flour, filled NBR compounds, cure characteristics, mechanical properties, semiactiv filler

Abstract: Corona treated wood flour was evaluates as a filler to NBR compounds studying its influence on their cure characteristics and mechanical properties. The different operation conditions of the corona treatment: voltage and treatment time lead to a different degree of surface etching, observed by means of electron microscopy and a different oxygen containing groups accumulation on the wood flour particles' surface, proven by means of ESCA. This results in the obtaining of would flour filled materials with varied final properties. The cure characteristics, mechanical parameters and water adsorption of the composites were estimated to fined out an optimum level of the wood flour surface modification. The corona treatment of the wood flour turns it into a semi active filler.



    Jubilee Scientific Conference with international participation, pp. 85, 2003, Bulgaria,

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