Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N.
Title: Using a Phase-Leading Electrical Discharge in Plasma System with Industrial Frequency at Atmospheric Pressure
Keywords: external (volt-ampere) static characteristic, low-frequency glow discharge, one-atmosphere barrier discharge, phase-leading barrier discharge, pre-heating barrier discharge, and volumetric active power density

Abstract: There is a possibility to create a pre-heating or additional electrical discharge that will prepare the main one-atmosphere high-pressure barrier discharge as regards the elementary processes. As a result, igniting the main discharge occurs at lower voltage values or at smaller ignition angles. This affects favorably the plasma characteristics as well as the electrical characteristics of the discharge. This method represents a new approach to increasing the effectiveness of that type of discharges at industrial frequency.



    National conference with international participation Electronika '2004, pp. 102-107, 2004, Bulgaria,

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