Autors: Dienff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N.
Title: Electrical Characteristics of the No-load Regime of Electric Barrier Discharge
Keywords: electrical characteristics, electric barrier discharge, generation of nitrogen oxides, ionization, ozone generation, plasma-chemical modification of materials

Abstract: The technological electrical barrier discharge at normal atmospheric pressure is applied ever more into the practice of plasma-chemical technologies as an alternative to the electric glow and RF discharges. The present work investigates theoretically and experimentally the electrical characteristics of the technological barrier discharge. The electrical characteristics of this discharge are studied on the basis of its experimentally measured external static volt-ampere characteristic. The determination of the following basic electric discharge characteristics is substantiated: the active power, the specific surface power density, and the average value of the electric current density as a function of the voltage. The experimental investigations have been realized under no-load conditions of the plasma technological system, i. e. without taking into account the influence of the treated material upon the electrical characteristics of the discharge.



    6-th International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics PES 2003, pp. 91-94, 2003, Serbia,

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