Autors: Dineff, P. D., Gospodinova, D. N., Ivanov, I. G.
Title: Processing Efficiency of Plasma-Aided Porous Media Finishing
Keywords: processing efficiency, plasma-aided finishing; porous media,

Abstract: The efficiency of a plasma-aided finishing process e.g., surface impregnation can be predicted only by setting two basic parameters of the real wood porous surface and the actual impregnating solution – surface free energy and surface tension. Successful finishing can be expected if the process efficiency parameter take a positive value after a specified aging time of the plasma-chemical surface activation – 2 or 24 hours.



    XV-th International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems ELMA2017, pp. 334-338, 2017, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5090-6690-2

    Copyright IEEE

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