Autors: Kaneva, N.V., Stefanov, B. I., Dimitrov, D.T., Dushkin, C.D.
Title: Photocatalytic degradation of Methylene blue by ZnO photocatalyst doped with nickel
Keywords: ZnO, thin films, nickel doping, TiO2, photocatalysis, Methylene Blue

Abstract: For studying the effect of doping with nickel on photocatalytical properties of zinc oxide, four nanofilm samples Ni-ZnO having different loading with 1 at.% of NiNO3·6H2O added with respect to ZnO. They were deposited on the glass slide substrates have been prepared by the dip coating technique. Films were characterized by means of SEM and XRD. The samples were photocatalytically tested at different incident UV light intensity. Obtained data was compared with the performance of pure ZnO films as well as with the previous data from pure and Ni-doped TiO2 films. It was shown that Ni- doping decreases the photocatalytic activity of the both of ZnO and TiO2. At the presented experimental conditions the pure ZnO film showed the highest activity than the both of Ni doped ZnO and TiO2 as well as than pure TiO2 films.



    Annuaire de L'Université de Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski" Faculte de Chimie, vol. 102/103, pp. 293-304, 2011, Bulgaria, PRESSES UNIVERSITAIRE „ST. KLIMENT OHRIDSKI“, ISSN 0584-0317

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