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Autors: Stefanov, B. I., Niklasson, G.A., Granqvist, C.G., Österlund, L.
Title: Gas-phase photocatalytic activity of sputter-deposited anatase TiO2 films: Effect of <001> preferential orientation, surface temperature and humidity
Keywords: TiO2, Photocatalysis, Acetaldehyde, 001 orientation, Surface temperature, Humidity, In situ reaction kinetics

Abstract: We present a systematic in situ study of the environmental reaction conditions on the photocatalytic activity of sputter deposited anatase TiO2 films with controlled amounts of preferential〈001〉orientation. In particular, the effects of relative humidity (RH) and substrate temperature are investigated. It is found that {001} facets, which are present in higher abundance on highly oriented samples, exhibit an order of magnitude higher reactivity for gas-phase photocatalytic oxidation of the indoor air pollutant acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) than {101} facets do, and a functional dependence of the reaction rate on facet orientation is determined.


    Journal of Catalysis, vol. 335, pp. 187-196, 2016, United States, Academic Press (Elsevier), ISSN 0021-9517

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