Autors: Andreev, O. D., Daskalov, H. Y.
Title: Decentralized blockchain innovations in the field of higher education - the case of OS.University
Keywords: blockchain, Europe 2020, open innovation, stakeholders, higher education, collaboration, knowledge clusters

Abstract: This scientific announcement argues that in order to achieve sustainable mutually beneficial relationship between universities and businesses nationwide in the context of the undergoing efforts around the "Europe 2020" strategy for transformation of Bulgarian society and economy in knowledge and success-oriented ones, it is necessary to build the ‘connecting infrastructure’. Across Europe, interfaces such as "science shops" and "knowledge clusters" are highlighted as best practices to enable partners to meet within this common market and exchange experience and technology, to add value towards achieving the common stakeholder objectives within the "knowledge triangle". This announcement, however, suggests a new type of a connecting infrastructure or a layer, based on innovative blockchain technologies.



    HEInnovate: Supporting Institutional Change in Higher Education, 2018, Bulgaria, Ruse University

    Full text of the publication

    Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум