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Autors: K, H. C., H, N. L., S, V. A.
Title: Strategy for dispatching of multiple electric vehicles recharging in a microgrid
Keywords: Microgrid, power system, dispatching, electric vehicle, charging, optimization

Abstract: Simultaneous recharging of a large number of electric vehicles in addition to the daily peak of consumption can have a significant impact on the stability of distribution grids. If electric vehicles are expected to outnumber those driven by internal combustion engines in the near future, recharging of their batteries has to be coordinated in order to avoid a negative impact on grid stability.An approach for dispatching of multiple electric vehicle chargers is presented in this paper. A model of the studied grid is implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink environment.The dispatching problem is formulated as a discrete optimization with constraints and a numerical example is used for assessment of the influence of electric vehicle charging on the load curve.Simulation results demonstrate that coordinated recharging of electric vehicles decreases the load peaks and the potential risks associated with them while guaranteeing that each vehicle is recharged before the deadline set by their user.


    IEEE XXVII International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET 2018, 2018, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-153866692-0

    Copyright IEEE

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