Autors: Nikolova, H. N., Diakov, D. I., Vassilev, V. A.
Title: Form Deviations Measurement of Planar Surfaces by Overlapping Measuring Positions Using Reference Plane Method
Keywords: deviation from form, measurement, accuracy, large size detai

Abstract: A multisensory system for form deviation measurements of planar surfaces of large-scaled details is considered. The form deviation measurement requires preliminary information on the topography of the extracted surface obtained by measurement according to some output datum. In the reference plane method, such reference datum is the plane defined by three reference points of the support platform of the system when initially set it in a measuring position. At each subsequent position the current reference plane changes its position in space. To restore it to the initial position, adjustments are made to the parameters that define it by corresponding algorithms. Determination of these adjustments is made by overlapping measurement positions. The system has been successfully implemented in the control of the mechanical elements of the Buster and the Collider of NICA project, developed by JINR, Dubna.



    XXVIII International Scientific Symposium "METROLOGY AND METROLOGY ASSURANCE 2018", pp. 65-68, 2018, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-9126

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