Autors: Kostov, M. S., Todorov, T. S., Milkov, M. Y., Penev, I. R.
Title: Bistable Valve Actuator GB 2558616 A
Keywords: Actuator, Shape memory alloy, Bistable mechansm

Abstract: The present invention relates to devices and methods for measuring flow rate and actuating a valve using a bistable mechanism. The present invention also relates to a device and a method for measuring flow rate and actuating a valve in heating systems and may be deployed to create smart systems for the control of heating in residential and public buildings wirelessly and/or autonomously.Since a typical bistable device has two stable states, a bistable device can also be used as a valve actuator. The bistable nature of such a valve actuator means that each stable state can correspond to a valve being in its open or closed position and the actuator does not require a continuous power supply to maintain the valve in these positions.By taking acceleration measurements for a bistable device that is used as an actuator for a fluid control valve, properties of the fluid controlled by the valve, such as flow rate, can be determined.



    IPO, pp. 30, 2018, United Kingdom, ISBN GB 2558616 A

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