Autors: Dimitrov, V. V., Hvrachilkov, D. S.
Title: System Level Modelling and Simulation of an Electric Bicycle
Keywords: Electric Drives , Electric Bicycles , Power electronics , EP

Abstract: This paper considers the use of electric bicycles as a means of transport of zero emissions, low congestive kind of transportation in a typical daily use in Sofia, Bulgaria. The paper presents a system level model of a parallel topology ebike, using a BLDC motor and Li-ion battery. The control system is implemented in Stateflow, while the remaining block uses the new Simulink Drivetrain library. Simulation results for key electrical and mechanical parameters are presented for a daily trip to work. Comparison of the SOC of the battery with and without energy recovery is also presented. This model is used to evaluate the specific requirements and possible tradeoffs when constructing such a vehicle.



    2018 IX National Conference with International Participation (ELECTRONICA), issue 9, pp. 4, 2018, Bulgaria, CEEC, DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA.2018.8439691

    Copyright IEEE

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