Autors: Georgiev, Z. A., Kunchev, L. P.
Title: Study of the vibrational behaviour of the components of a car
Keywords: vibrations, suspension, car, tyre

Abstract: In thе paper is investigated the vibrational behaviour of a car suspension in the frequency range from 50 to 200 Hz. The vehicle has a torsion spring suspension. The aim of the study is to provide a numerical approach, which evaluates the impact of the tyre vibration characteristics and the elastic properties of suspension elements on the vibrational behaviour of the "tyre-suspension-body" system. Object of the study are the elements of the suspension – stub-axle, upper and lower suspension arms, strut rod, torsion bar and others. The suspension is equipped with pneumatic tyres with different vibration characteristics. Laboratory experiments are done. The tyre contact patch is disturbed by harmonic force. The accelerations of the wheel axle and specific points of the suspension are obtained. Numerical model of the system is created by using Finite Element Method available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation software.



    MATEC Web of Conferences, vol. 234, issue 2005, 2018, Bulgaria,

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