Autors: Spasov, I. G., Ivanov, P. I., Kolev, N. P.
Keywords: Rod ejection transient, 3D core simulation, coupled neutroni

Abstract: The objective of this work is to analyze hypothetical reactivity insertion accidents including control rod ejection in a VVER-1000 V320 reactor using the coupled best-estimate COBAYA4/CTF neutronics/thermal hydraulics codes. A specific objective is to explore the adequacy of two-group diffusion cross-section libraries of different detail for such simulations. A full-core COBAYA4/CTF nodal calculation model was verified in code-to-code comparison with COBAYA3/FLICA4 results in steady state and control rod withdrawal simulation. This model was used to analyze a rod ejection transient from hot zero power. The results show that the computed local parameters do not exceed the safety limits. The impact of cross-section libraries on the inserted reactivity and transient peak power was assessed by comparing calculations with two variants of the table-interpolation cross-section library. The first one is simplified, as used in some OECD/NEA benchmarks, and the second is full-scope in general m



    Proceeding of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, vol. 71, issue 3, pp. 325, 2018, Bulgaria, "Проф. МАРИН ДРИНОВ", ISSN 2367-5535

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